Pink Moon Candles

  • The word "self-care" is getting a bad rap. Wanna know my thoughts?

    Today I decided to run.  I ran from Tuffy’s auto where I dropped off my 2008 Mercury Milan (that has a dent in it from a hit and run...someone dec...
  • "Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity."-amanda palmer, singer, songwriter

    "Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity."-Amanda Palmer, singer, songwriter
  • How do you scale your candle business?

    The basic premise of Pink Moon Candles is kindness, spreading love through candles.  
  • How to get the wicks and sticky bits out of your crystal reiki candle

    Some of you have asked how to get the wicks, crystals and sticky parts at the bottom of your candle out of your bowl. 
  • The word "self-care" is getting a bad rap. Wanna know my thoughts?

    Slowly and intentionally.  Away from my phone.  I want to live a life where I get to run on a beautiful day. 
  • 10 reasons to burn your candle

    10 reasons not let your Pink Moon candle sit unlit and collect dust:
  • Joy is more important than how productive you are.

    I've been trying to be off of social media with some intentionality this month.
  • Do the thing that brings you joy- it is a sign

    I spent part of last weekend with my friends whom I have known since my early 20s.  I am 39 years old.  They allow me to be goofy and silly and awkward and say whatever comes to my mind.  Being in their presence brings me joy.  
  • Feeling rushed? Try this ritual

    This beautiful meditation will calm you down and give your mind some time to reset.  Try it and let me know your results.
  • How to get the wax out of your reusable bowl

    Each candle usually burns for about 50 hours.  After that, all you need to do is pop the porcelain bowl into your freezer overnight.  The next day, take out the bowl and the wax should be hardened.  You can then pop out the charged crystals.  Then the wax should pop out easily too. 
  • How to make a soy candle at home

    Back in October of 2018, I went over to the house of a family friend who kindly taught me and a bunch of her friends how she makes candles.  I highly suggest finding someone like this who will give you a hands on tutorial and step by step process.  I learn best when I see it actually happening, and I actually do it.  
  • The Number 1 Reason to Follow your Curious Nature

    Try something new.  Get curious.