The word "self-care" is getting a bad rap. Wanna know my thoughts?

Today I decided to run.
 I ran from Tuffy’s auto where I dropped off my 2008 Mercury Milan (that has a dent in it from a hit and run...someone decided to hit my car while it was parked on outside my house...but I digress).
 I ran through the beautiful side streets of Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington.  I admired the birds and trees and houses.  I admired all the nice cars.  Then I thought about "self-care" the word.  This word seems to be getting criticism lately.  
You can call anything self-care, true.  But real self-care for me is slowing down enough to ask myself what is most important in my life.  How do I want to live my life?  This is a question based in self-care.  People may criticize the word however much they want.  But I am still a fan of it because it reminds me of how I want to live.  
Slowly and intentionally.  Away from my phone.  I want to live a life where I get to run on a beautiful day. 

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