The Quarry in my Grandma's Backyard

When I was a girl, I used to get dropped off at my grandma and grandpa Wise's house after school.  They had a lovely quarry in a field behind their house that I would walk to and explore.  I would find crystals edged into the ground and in the rock surrounding the body of water.  

The cows in the pasture would often be in that direction meandering and munching on grass.  I remember my mom telling me that when it was cold, sometimes, the cows would slip on ice and fall into the quarry.  They couldn't get out.  It was sad. 

My mom also told me that the crystal I had found was called fluoride and that we had too much of it in our ground- it got into our water there was so much of it. 

Actually, the mineral that I found is called fluorite and the orange/clear color was beautiful.  

Recently, I had a dream about this quarry/cows/fluorite scene.  It was peaceful, I think but I can't be sure.  I knew it had a special meaning but couldn't put my finger on what that was.  

In the past 2 years, my dad, my son and I went out walking in that same pasture of my childhood and saw the quarry for the first time in a long time.  It wasn't as beautiful as I remember it but I did find some of the gorgeous fluorite and picked it up.  It is not sitting on my ritual altar at home. 

Giving off the energy of memory and my grandparent's love.

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