The Number 1 Reason to Follow your Curious Nature

I started learning and throwing myself into reiki because I was looking for grace in my own life.
I followed my curiosity.
I enjoyed receiving and giving reiki energy and because of that, my love for it eventually became help.
In the same way, candles help me.  I enjoy making them.  I enjoy sharing them with others too.
“If you want to help others just love what you are doing, love where you live, love your life, that is the best thing you can do for your community.” -Liz Gilbert on Marie Forleo TV
 Liz Gilbert and Marie Forleo have talked about the idea of the shit sandwich.  
What do you love so much that you still want to do this “thing” even though it comes with a shit sandwich….is it still worth it to you?  Do you still enjoy doing it even though it comes with some difficulty, some hard parts, because everything comes with a shit sandwich or the feeling that this is too hard.  Too often we get the message from social media that If you follow your bliss everything will be great.  That is not the full truth.
The truth is that everything will be hard at one moment or the other.  You have the choice to stop something because not everything will work out.
Please don’t be afraid to start something just because you have the fear of it not being perfect.  Because it won’t be perfect the first draft.  
We have such high standards for ourselves, but all it really is an excuse to not begin something or not to finish something.  Liz Gilbert believes that our failures have a function, they ask us if we really want to keep on making that thing.  Maybe it will work but maybe it won’t.  
At least we followed our curiosity and tried.  Isn’t that what life is about?  Going into the unknown and finding joy, spreading love by expanding our life so others can be inspired to do the same.
Have courage dear friend.

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