"Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity."-amanda palmer, singer, songwriter

I just spent way too much time deleting spam comments from my blog.  I am now going to let that go and start making candles.  Its a new year, and I'm trying to be healthier, more focused and set on using my time as efficiently as possible.  I'm going to let go of my need for things to be perfect.  I'm letting go of perfectionism, and amping up my production.  I met with an amazing lady last week about helping me in my candle kitchen to make more.  She is going to be amazing.  I love her energy and am excited about the collaboration.  My dear friend Leslie has been helping me with my financials.  She is a true gift of a friend.  We met in our 20s at Ohio University.  How lucky I am to have her as a friend.  My goal is to write more blog posts and emails out to you.  Let me know your thoughts but don't bother to reply if you are a spammer.  Love, Natalie

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