Old Friends. How beautiful is that?

Yesterday afternoon I was a little bummed.  But being bummed after seeing friends that I wish lived next door to me is part of loving them.  If I didn't love them so much, I wouldn't be so bummed in the aftermath of having such a nice trip with them.  

Getting back to yesterday. 

I had just said good-bye to my friends of over 20 years.  When we first became friends we were in our early 20s.  I can't believe that we are now 41.  The cliche of "where does the time go?" is so true.  So true it hurts.  I don't feel 41 and I don't want my friends to be so far away from me.

When we get together we talk about hard things.  But instead of making me sad, it empowers me.  I love talking about hard things with my friends because they acknowledge the hard and then it doesn't seem as hard.  I love how friends who know my anxiety, still want to be my friend.  

 Anyways, Meghan was home from Spain and I had not seen her in 2 years.  Meghan gives the best hugs.  They are all-encompassing and full of love.  I love that about her.

Leslee drove us in her minivan and we talked about white privilege and what it means to drive out poor people in cities in the name of "development".   Leslee gives the best advice you need to hear.  She and Jenn suggested that I look into Instacart as another income stream.  I am considering it.  She also is incredibly thoughtful and prepared.  I love that about her.

Jenn makes meals that my husband Nick and I can only dream about.  She has so many talents (all my friends do) but her ability to make healthy meals and thoughtfully provide this for her family is amazing.  I love that about her.

Stacie is kind, strong and generous.  She is witty like all of my friends and loves a good joke.  When she laughs it will make you smile.  I love that about her.

It is important to be around friends that I've had since I was a young woman.  Now that I am getting to be older, I need to connect with true friends more than ever.  It is grounding, steadying and stabilizing.  

I'm not really sure where Pink Moon Candles is going to be in a year.  I do know, however, that it helps to talk about it with friends.  They don't judge, they just help.  How beautiful is that.




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