My favorite candles of the week.

I've been slowly transitioning to more vintage vessels because I think they are beautiful and much better for the environment.  To reduce my carbon footprint on the Earth, I've been incorporating this into my offerings and it feels much more honest and "me".  

I found this mug with my friend Leslee at a Salvation Army in Lancaster, Ohio.  I love how unique and shiny it is.  

Leslee gave me these beautiful light blue glasses and I placed lapis on top of the soy wax.  I love how the different shades of blue bring a beautiful aesthetic to any space.

Some of my most popular candles are these cute, simple show stoppers.  You can never have too many of these for gifts or anywhere in your home.  

Even though I am changing and evolving, my mission to bring zen reiki candles to you hasn't changed.  I will still make them, just less of them.  As for my future, I am not sure.  Other than following what makes sense, one breath at a time.  

Much love.


Pink Moon Candles

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