Mother's Day Thoughts

Growing up, Mother Mary was in my mind as a go to when things were uncertain or scary- I prayed to her often.  Growing up Catholic, I felt a personal relationship to her.  For that, I am pretty grateful.

In 2011, Nick and I went to a cabin in Hocking Hills for our "honeymoon"- we had just gotten married at the Wild Goose Creative in Clintonville.  His mom had gifted us the trip. It was the winter time between December and January and so we shouldn't have been surprised when the snow started coming down on our car. 

It was hard to see.  We were lost in a snow storm without many options.  The snow came down on the road as we went through the hills looking for our cabin.  And I prayed to Mother Mary over and over.  Eventually, we were safe.  In the meantime, she helped me calm down and reminded me that something larger is holding me- even when I feel fear.  

This picture of my mom, Sandra shows the love she has- for her mom, who was also named Mary and for the saint Mary.  Thanks mom, for instilling this important ritual into my life.  

And, happy Mother's Day to all you mama's!  



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