It is nearly March and I need more sunshine

It is nearly March and I need more sunshine. 

I might be a bit depressed. 

In that same spirit, I was going through my old blog entries and found this from November 2018:

Thanksgiving happened. I am tired, my kid is sick and I hear that darn voice in my head saying, “do more, Natalie!” I don’t like that voice.

So today instead of wallowing in my stuff, I went to a yoga class. I ran to @thespacecolumbus (which is runnable from my house) through the snow, and through the mud. It was hard to breathe because it was so cold outside- my nose was running and I was grumpy.

Then I arrived at the studio and Josie inspired the heck out of me by making me work, made me move my body in ways that I usually don’t and clear out the yucky stuff from my aura, my subtle body, my physical body and my emotional body.

She helped me get grounded. So if you are in a funk today, go move your body, go dig in and do something outside even though it is super cold.

Go say hi to the trees, go walk your dog, go do it.

Sending you so much love because I am with you sister.

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