How to get the wicks and sticky bits out of your crystal reiki candle

Some of you have asked how to get the wicks, crystals and sticky parts at the bottom of your candle out of your bowl.  

Here are the tools that you need:  a butter knife, your freezer, soap and warm water.  Plus some all-purpose cleaning wipes.

Once you have burnt through your candle you'll want to pop it in your freezer overnight.  The next day take it out and get out your butter knife.  Over the trash can, gently pop out the wax with the help of the butter knife.  It might take a few minutes.  

You'll be left with the metal part of the wick and the sticky sticker that holds the wick to the bottom of the bowl.  Take your butter knife and maneuver it between the bowl and the metal part of the wick.  Once the metal part has come loose, you'll want to take some warm water and dish soap and get the sticky sticker wet and soapy.  That will loosen it up.  After a bit, the sticker should come out of the bowl.  

Then you have the crystals.  Take your all-purpose wipe and put all the crystals in the wipe.  Then, gently wipe the wax off of the crystals.  I like to take them in my hand with the wipe surrounding them.  

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