How to get the wax out of your reusable bowl

The number 1 question I get from friends and family is how to get the wax out of the Pink Moon candle bowl. 

Each candle usually burns for about 50 hours.  After that, all you need to do is pop the porcelain bowl into your freezer overnight.  The next day, take out the bowl and the wax should be hardened.  You can then pop out the charged crystals.  Then the wax should pop out easily too. 

You can use a butter knife to ease up the wax if you need to.  Then you can wash out the bowl with warm water and dish soap.  There will be 2 stickies at the bottom of the bowl.  Those can be a bit harder to remove.  I usually take my butter knife again and pry the stickies/metal circular piece once it has been loosened with warm water and soap. 

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