How do you scale your candle business?

I launched Pink Moon Candles in January of 2019. 

I've had tremendous growth since then but have a lot of growth to do still.  My goal is to grow so that I can pay a living wage to those who help me with my business. 

I am  looking to hire 1-2 people to help with some business operations.  I love making candles but right now I am at full capacity.   Right now, I can make at most, around 40 candles a week, because I am making them in my home kitchen and for better or for worse, it is a small kitchen. 

The basic premise of Pink Moon Candles is kindness, and spreading love through candles. 

One of my core values is to reduce my waste; and that is why I thought of reusing the candle bowl and crystals in each Pink Moon candle.  I feel very strongly that there needs to be less plastic waste in this world.  Everyday, I walk or drive and see plastic trash on the ground.  It breaks my heart.  

So, if you have any positive, productive advice on how to scale a candle business, I would love to hear from you! 

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