Gratitude Monday: Kit Yoon, Acupuncturist, Life Coach and Podcast Host

Kit is someone who is magical.  She radiates calm, connected energy.  She helps people get well through acupuncture, holistic health coaching, inner voice sessions and her podcast.  She is an amazing chef too. 

I've been fortunate to be connected to her by way of acupuncture.  She was the first practitioner that I went to for this healing modality way back in 2011.  I loved her energy immediately.  

Fast forward to today.  She wrote this beautiful piece that I wanted to share with you.  It made my day because it embodies the beauty and intention why I pour candles.  Thank you, Kit!

"What is it about candles that can capture us unlike anything else?  

Especially the ones lovingly poured and infused with reiki by Pink Moon Candles.

I fell in love with these candles the moment I was introduced to them at the Bexley Natural Market.

I haven't looked back since.  Now I exclusively burn candles made by Natalie.  She even allows me to bring her unique repurposed vessels to carry the light.  

Because I love them so much, I always light the candles (often more than one) when I need to focus, relax, or when I'm working with my patients and clients.  

The light of the candle and the unique fragrance it emits brings so much grounding." - Kit Yoon


Kit and I are working on a very fun project together and we can't wait to share it with you.  More on this soon!

Much love,


Pink Moon Candles

If you want more information about Kit and all the wonderful ways she helps people heal, visit her website here.

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