Find out what happened when no one showed up

My friend Patti and I had a great idea.  We would hold an event around the idea of people getting together to talk about ways that we can support one another and share tools for communicating with others in a loving way.  

The only thing though is no one showed up.  I told my email list about it.  I told my instagram community about it many times.  Patti and I even talked about it via FB Live video.  But no one came.  

Patti and I had a wonderful time though.  She and I shared family stories and laughed and laughed.  We told each other our own tools for managing stress during the holidays.  Some things we learned:

  1. To reduce stress during the holidays, listen to the news only so much. Yes…stay informed.   But as Thich Nact Hanh has wisely said, “only allow so much violence into your mind.”  You can only handle so much.
  2. Set boundaries with people who take energy out of you.  
  3. Go see your therapist for a holiday tune up if necessary.
  4. Be open to sharing your stories with friends.  Laughter helps.
  5. Listen more and talk less.
  6. Spread love.  Cliche but in the end, that is what it is all about.  

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