Do the thing that brings you joy- it is a sign

I spent part of last weekend with my friends whom I have known since my early 20s.  I am 39 years old.  They allow me to be goofy and silly and awkward and say whatever comes to my mind.  Being in their presence brings me joy.  

I worked 7 years at a job where I never fit in.  I tried, but it didn't mesh with who I was or am.  It took me 7 years and my employers letting me go to figure out that I needed to change something and that was my whole outlook on life.  

When I went to college I thought that if I got a degree and even a master's degree, then things would just work themselves out.  I thought a college degree was the answer to my uncertainty.  It wasn't.  Life was up and down, I went forward and then backward.  Teaching me lessons along the way.

All this to say, when everything falls apart, it becomes clear what is most important in life.  For me, connection with others is so important.  Maintaining friendships that began nearly 20 years ago is a gift.  I put work into connecting with others because it is a gift.  I also know that my connection with you through Pink Moon Candles is a huge gift.  I feel so lucky that you have connected with me.  Sending you so much love. 


Pink Moon Candles

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