Covid-19 Virus thoughts

I live in Columbus, Ohio.  

Here we are under orders to stay in our house.  My husband works for the State of Ohio and due to the Covid-19 virus he is now working from our bedroom on conference call after conference call.  

My son is 7 years old and is now being "home-schooled" by Nick and I.  

I am also trying new creative ways to let people know about my candles.  Because more people are at home, they are ordering online more which is amazing.  But my current struggle is finding the time to make candles and package them up all the while making sure my son doesn't watch too much Ryan's Toy Review.  This is hard. 

I'd love your thoughts.  How are you coping? 

Love you and stay strong,



  • Amy, thank you so much for your words of love! I am so happy. You made my evening reading this. xoxoxoxo-Natalie, Pink Moon Candles

    Pink Moon Candles
  • My sister gave my husband and I a Pink Moon candle for our anniversary. I am in love with this beautiful, fragrant, positive energy filled candle! I could not be any happier with this piece.

    Amy Parsons
  • Annie- thank you so much for your note! I appreciate you so much. Currently, THREAD in Grandview and the Short North locations both have Pink Moon Candles. Have a wonderful day and stay safe! Sincerely, Natalie, Pink Moon Candles

  • Hello- I love your candles and would like to give one to my fiancé for the sentimental value. I see they are all sold out currently. Are there other organizations from which I can purchase one of your candles, or do you expect to offer more soon? Thanks and stay safe-


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