10 reasons to burn your candle


10 reasons not let your Pink Moon candle sit unlit and collect dust:

1.  The light is calming when you burn your candle.

2.  The candle when lit creates a peaceful space.

3.  You get closer to being able to reuse the bowl once you start burning it.

4.  The light from the candle when you look at it helps set the intention and ritual of meditation.

5.  Your candle lit burns clean soy wax and clean essential oils that smell great- hello air freshener that isn't toxic.

6.  When you light your candle while journaling, it reminds you that this is a precious moment of your life.  

7.  Once you burn through your candle, you can use it as the perfect pot for your favorite succulent.

8.  The bowl will hold your grapes and your cherries perfectly once you burn through all the wax.  

9.  The bowl will hold your extra pocket change.

10.  You need a bowl to hold your incense and palo santo.  


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