Pink Moon Candles

  • I'm getting older.

    This blog is not always about candles but everything I write about here relates to the candles I make because if my mind isn't feeling good, I won't be creative or productive. 
  • 6 words. Poetry.

    Cardinal, you don't know me but you brighten my day.
  • 41

    I'm doing better.  Finally. At 41. Soon to be 42. It takes me a while to figure things out.  
  • Old Friends. How beautiful is that?

    Yesterday afternoon I was a little bummed.  But being bummed after seeing friends that I wish lived next door to me is part of loving them.  If I d...
  • My favorite candles of the week.

    I've been slowly transitioning to more vintage vessels because I think they are beautiful and much better for the environment.  To reduce my carbon...
  • Thoughts about my Grandma Joyce

    When I was a girl, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother.  She and my sister were constant companions for many years because my mom was cleanin...
  • Gratitude Monday: Kit Yoon, Acupuncturist, Life Coach and Podcast Host

    "The light of the candle and the unique fragrance it emits brings so much grounding." - Kit Yoon, Acupuncturist, Life Coach, and Podcast Host
  • I am 40 years old.

    I am 40 years old and I write not because they are genius or life changing words, but because they are mine in this moment.  
  • "All you have is what you are, and what you give."-Ursula K. Le Guin

    Today I made a batch of candles.  They are cooling now.  Hopefully, I will place the crystals on them tomorrow after they fully cool and then heat gun them.  Once the design is complete, I'll photograph them and put them up on the website.  
  • Black Lives Matter

    We know this feeling, time and space is not simple. We know this doesn't make it all better. But we stand in solidarity with you.
  • The Quarry in my Grandma's Backyard

    Giving off the energy of memory and my grandparent's love.
  • Mother's Day Thoughts

    Growing up, Mother Mary was in my mind as a go to when things were uncertain or scary- I prayed to her often.