Pink Moon Candles

  • "All you have is what you are, and what you give."-Ursula K. Le Guin

    Today I made a batch of candles.  They are cooling now.  Hopefully, I will place the crystals on them tomorrow after they fully cool and then heat gun them.  Once the design is complete, I'll photograph them and put them up on the website.  
  • Black Lives Matter

    We know this feeling, time and space is not simple. We know this doesn't make it all better. But we stand in solidarity with you.
  • The Quarry in my Grandma's Backyard

    Giving off the energy of memory and my grandparent's love.
  • Mother's Day Thoughts

    Growing up, Mother Mary was in my mind as a go to when things were uncertain or scary- I prayed to her often. 
  • Covid-19 Virus thoughts

    I live in Columbus, Ohio.   Here we are under orders to stay in our house.  My husband works for the State of Ohio and due to the Covid-19 virus he...
  • Today I had a reading....

    Reach out for help with a reading when you feel stuck.
  • Reiki - what is it?

    As each candle is poured, the intention is for energy of calm, peace and clarity to enter the space.
  • Joy is more important than how productive you are.

    I've been trying to be off of social media with some intentionality this month.
  • The word "self-care" is getting a bad rap. Wanna know my thoughts?

    Today I decided to run.  I ran from Tuffy’s auto where I dropped off my 2008 Mercury Milan (that has a dent in it from a hit and run...someone dec...
  • "Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity."-amanda palmer, singer, songwriter

    "Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity."-Amanda Palmer, singer, songwriter
  • How do you scale your candle business?

    The basic premise of Pink Moon Candles is kindness, spreading love through candles.  
  • How to get the wicks and sticky bits out of your crystal reiki candle

    Some of you have asked how to get the wicks, crystals and sticky parts at the bottom of your candle out of your bowl.